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School Reopening –AY 2020-21

Dear Parents,
Further to us sharing the school re-opening plan for September, dated 4th August, 2020, and the survey, dated 6th August 2020, we have been receiving many queries. Hence, we have put down answers to a list of frequently asked questions.

Re-opening model

1. What is the reopening model that the school will follow? (refer circular dated 4th August ,2020 posted on parent portal)

  • The approved model proposed by Al Diyafah High School, Dubai, is a blended form of schooling as listed in our circular which has a detailed explanation. (Refer to Parent Portal)
  • The model aims to give opportunities for all students in Years 2-13, to attend on-campus instruction two days of the week and distance learning education for three days of the week. For FS and Year 1, the students will have one day of on-campus instruction and four days of Distance Learning.

2. My child has a medical condition and is immuno-compromised and therefore coming to school may not be an option currently. What can I do?

  • We have proposed the model keeping in mind several factors which are essential to a child’s learning experience. However, if there is a medical condition, then parents may choose a 100% DL option for their child.

3. My child has no medical condition. However, I am afraid to send my child to school. What options do I have?

  • We cannot predict for how long this pandemic will continue. KHDA guidelines provides instruction for opening in structured manner. This process will be implemented and strictly followed. We request our parent community not to base their decisions based on available evidence. Our intent has always been to bring students back to normal school as we strongly believe that the most ideal educational experience for our children is to be present in school at least once/twice a week and benefit from learning experiences with their peers. However, if parents still have anxieties about sending their child to school, they may choose the 100% DL option.

4. If I keep my child at home due to concerns about Coronavirus, will he/she be marked absent?

  • If a student has chosen the 100% DL option, then he/she will be marked present provided the student is attending lessons as per the model in a diligent manner. Any student not attending lessonsas per the selected modelwill be marked absent.
  • Please note that any student without a recorded parent choice via the survey will be automatically assigned to the BL model.

5. What if I choose DL option now and later want to change to the BL option?

  • The options chosen is applicable for TERM 1 and no change will be allowed as based on the Survey data will be used to plan our transport logistics, school timetable, class -room set-up and resources taken to back the model. Besides, for safety reasons on campus we have to maintain stable groups/bubble of students in a class. Hence, we request all parents to stay with their choice for Term 1.

6. Will Distance Learning follow the same model and pattern as that before summer?

  • The curriculum for all phases will remain broad, so that pupils are taught a full range of subjects over the year. In September, the focus will be on identifying gaps and re-establishing good progress. While Distance Learning will consist of both synchronous and asynchronous sessions, there will be some changes in the model and pattern considering the logistics and other scheduling requirements.

Fees and ID card

7. If I choose 100% Distance Learning (DL) , will the school give a discount on school fees?

  • Al Diyafah High School offers quality education at an affordable fee structure. Hence, no discounts will be offered for any services provided. Besides this the school has taken extensive infrastructure and human resource development measures to help our students come back to school safely. Though some parents have chosen the DL option, we have many parents who have opted for the BL option. Hence, the school will have to cater to both DL and BL, which means we have to hire additional staff.

8. Has the school fees increased?

  • The school fees remain the same as of the academic year 2019-20. We have not increased any fees.

9. How can I get a complete breakdown of Ay 2020-21 Terms fees and make payment as per due date?

  • We request you to pay the school fees on time. In case of non-payment of fees after repeated reminders, we will have to take actions as guided by KHDA .
  • Parents must log-on to the Parent portal via schools website www.diyafah.com using the Parent Code and view the fee section.  Click here for Parent portal.  All Payment must be made as per year wise fees listed. Multiple payment options are listed.

10. Will I be charged any excess amount for paying through a Credit/Debit card?

  • No, all excess charges for payment via Credit/debit cards will be borne by School.

11. How can I make payment for Students exercise books after selection make payment?

  • Parents must log-on to the Parent portal via Schools website www.Diyafah.com using the Parent Code and view the book section.  Click here for Parent Portal and make payments.

12. How can I collect the exercise books after payment along with Students ID card

  • Given the current condition and to ensure we handle the handover as per safety protocols, books will be handed to students (Years 2 and above) in class when school opens along with student ID cards. We will share information of the book distribution for FS and Year 1 through a separate circular.
  • Please note that students who have opted for DL will be advised on the collection process before school reopens.

13. What options are provided for payment of school fees.?

  • The Parent portal is set-up for payments as per 3 terms only – this is the standard on which the school has been operating on.
  • •No Discount or Fee Reduction
  • •Maximum Installments to be provided is payment in three installments
  • •All the PDC’s should be submitted along with the 1st installment
  • •PDC’s cannot be kept on hold on the due dates: however, PDC’s can be replaced with another mode of payment with 7 days prior intimation

Health and Safety protocols

14. What health and safety protocols will the school be following?

  • The School will be following all guidelines as required and will adapt as per current protocols. Health and Safety has been outstanding in all KHDA inspection reports and will continue to be Outstanding
  • •Thermal scanners along with handheld devices will be purchased for temperature checks on Bus entry and School building entrances.
  • •Purchase of Sanitization equipment, Spray machine and electrostatic sprayers.
  • •Special chemicals will be purchased from reputed company certified by DM.
  • Safety measures for all staff are in line with health protocols
  • •Additional Sanitization teams & staff will be deployed for daily sanitization of Bus Transport and School classroom/campus
  • •School is working closely with the authorities to make sure all the facilities meet required standards
  • •The school has improved its infrastructure to meet the need of the current situation

Renovations of all toilets:

  • oWe have renovated all School toilets across the campus. Along with new tiling & equipment’s for our toilets we have purchased 70 Grohe sensor taps and installed in all toilets. For Our young Diyafites, FS and Y1 along with Sensor taps, we have installed sensor for flushes.
  • oThe school also has one accessible toilet installed during the summer. Going forward the plan is to install 2 more accessible toilets and a mechanized lift all which is under planning working closely with KHDA.


  • The school is working along with our cleaning company Prestige to follow all health and safety protocols making sure all Sanitization/Disinfection/cleaning protocols are as laid down by the regulatory bodies. The school is investing heavily in this process using good quality product and all cost will be taken on by the School.

15. Is wearing masks and gloves compulsory in the school premises?

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for all aged 6 years and above while on the school bus and in the school premises. Wearing gloves is optional. Parent must ensure spare mask(s) are send with the child daily along with a small sanitizer.

16. Can I visit the school to meet teachers?

  • As per KHDA regulations, parents are not allowed to enter the school building beyond the designated drop- off and pick-up point. All meetings will be conducted online. If there is a critical need for a one to one meeting, it will be formally done by appointment via email, and will be conducted keeping to all Health and Safety protocols. Please note that parents are not allowed to drop -off books, food or stationery at the reception. All children must be carrying all necessary items with him/her to school.

17. How can I get a Parents ID card?

  • Parents ID card is compulsory and must be worn and shown to the security when picking up students. The security is empowered to stop any child going out with an adult without proper verification. Parents who need a replacement or an additional card can send an email to the Registrar, normal charges will apply. New parents ID card will be issued by registrar – email registrar@diyafahschool.com.

18. Is ID card mandatory for students?

  • Yes, the students are supposed to wear ID cards at all times. Please note that it is linked to transport and school attendance.


How to login to Diyafah Parent Portal?

  • Launch the School Website www.diyafah.com
  • Click on “PARENT PORTAL” displayed on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the relevant Academic Year eg. 2019-2020. This will bring up the login screen, provide the Parent username (i.e. P followed by a 5 digit number) and password provided to you by the School.( If you have forgotten your password please click on “Forgot Password” to send password to your registered email id )
  • To update your password, click on Change Password, on the Home page of Parent Portal.

What information is available on the portal?

The Portal view will currently have the following information:

  • Communications: All Circulars, Homework, Newsletters, Weekly planners, Policies and Alerts will be available to view.
  • Home: for centralised viewing of all currently active modules.
  • Parent Profile: lists the parents’ profile as per information held in our database
  • Student Profile: lists the student’s profile as per Information held in our current database.
  • Library: Lists all Books relevant to Student’s year group, which can be viewed and reserved online.
  • Report Cards: Displays the Students’ Internal and External Report Cards published.
  • Fees & Services:
    • Fees: Lists the School Fees as per instalments payable.
      Upon payment all receipts can be viewed and printed online at home or viewed using a mobile device.
    • Other Events/Activities: Lists all payments for internal and external events and activities hosted by the school and registered/enrolled for by the student.
  • Contacts: Lists contact details of services at Al Diyafah High School.

How to access/view siblings with parent login?

  • Click on the Student Profile (Displayed on left side of screen) and choose the student from the dropdown to view the information corresponding to the student selected such as report cards, fees and communications
  • If any changes need to be made in the Student Profile page, kindly contact the Registrar.

How to update address/email id/phone nos.?

  • Upon successful login, Parent Profile page is displayed which lists details of Father and Mother held in our database.
  • These details can be updated anytime.
    **Please keep all details on this page updated at all times to ensure you received all communications circulated by the School via SMS and Emails, which are always sent to this registered contacts ONLY.

Photography Consent

  • Click on the Student Profile (Menu on left side of screen) and select the student for whom you would want to view the details.
  • At the bottom of the page, Photography consent declaration is available.
  • Choose Yes or No and click on Submit if you haven’t done earlier.
  • The Submit button will be available only if the consent wasn’t given earlier.

How to access Report Cards?

  • To access Report Cards, Click on Student Profile (Menu on left side of screen). Choose the student for whom you would want to view the report card.
  • Click on Report Cards (Menu on left side of screen)
  • Click on Internal Exams to view the relevant Report Card. For students of Year 3 onwards, External exams as well will be displayed, which holds report cards for external exams such as CAT4, GL Assessments, etc.

Communications – Circulars/Newsletters/Alerts.

  • Click on Student Profile (Menu on left side of screen). Choose the student for whom you would want to view the school communications
  • Click on Communications (Menu on left side of screen) and then navigate into the specific section within such as Alert, Circular, Homework, Newsletter, Policies, Resources.

How to make Online Payment?

  • To check outstanding Fee details, Go to Fees & Services (Menu on left side of screen) > Fees > Invoice
  • Select the Term(s) for which you would want to make the payment and click on Confirm to Pay button at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you click “Confirm to pay” you will be re-directed into our privacy policy. You are required to Agree to the proceed. Once you agree, Click on Proceed to Pay.
  • In the next screen please enter your credit/debit card details
  • Once payment is made, your payment details will be shown on the portal as PAID.

Parent Portal Support

  • For any queries or assistance related to Parent Portal, please send an email to parentportal@diyafahschool.com and we will respond within ONE WORKING DAY.