Book Sale Year 7 To 10

25-Aug-2019 to 27-Aug-2019

Timing: 8:30am to 2pm

Book Sale All Year Groups

28-Aug-2019 to 31-Aug-2019

Timing: 8:30 am to 2 pm

Orientation Day - FS2 & Sixth Form Students

29-Aug-2019 to 29-Aug-2019

First Day For FS2

02-Sep-2019 to 02-Sep-2019

Orientation Day-Year 1 To 10 New Students

02-Sep-2019 to 02-Sep-2019

First Day For All Students

03-Sep-2019 to 03-Sep-2019

Student Council Nominations

04-Sep-2019 to 04-Sep-2019


17-Sep-2019 to 17-Sep-2019

KS1 Coffee Morning

07-Oct-2019 to 07-Oct-2019

KS3 Coffee Morning

08-Oct-2019 to 08-Oct-2019

FS Coffee Morning

10-Oct-2019 to 10-Oct-2019

KS4 Coffee Morning

13-Oct-2019 to 13-Oct-2019

KS2 Coffee Morning

14-Oct-2019 to 14-Oct-2019

Prize Day

15-Oct-2019 to 15-Oct-2019

Mid Term Break

16-Oct-2019 to 17-Oct-2019

EXPO 2020 Week

20-Oct-2019 to 20-Oct-2019

PTCI - Year 1 To 10

26-Oct-2019 to 26-Oct-2019

Canadian Universities – Career Fair

27-Oct-2019 to 27-Oct-2019

PD Day

31-Oct-2019 to 31-Oct-2019

Founder's Day

03-Nov-2019 to 03-Nov-2019

Flag Day

03-Nov-2019 to 03-Nov-2019

Science Week Exhibition

14-Nov-2019 to 14-Nov-2019

PTCI - Year 11 To 13

14-Nov-2019 to 14-Nov-2019

Martyr's Day

30-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019

National Day Holiday

01-Dec-2019 to 02-Dec-2019

Winter Break For Students

15-Dec-2019 to 04-Jan-2020