Winter Break For Students

16-Dec-2018 to 03-Jan-2019

Alumni Sports Fest 4th To 5th January 2019

04-Jan-2019 to 05-Jan-2019

Literary Week

13-Jan-2019 to 17-Jan-2019

Literary Week Special Assembly Year 9G

14-Jan-2019 to 14-Jan-2019

ADX Public Speaking Competition

17-Jan-2019 to 17-Jan-2019

Inter House Matches

20-Jan-2019 to 21-Jan-2019

Annual Athletic Meet

23-Jan-2019 to 23-Jan-2019

Inter House Matches Finals

24-Jan-2019 to 24-Jan-2019

Islamic Exhibition

31-Jan-2019 to 31-Jan-2019

Community Games

08-Feb-2019 to 09-Feb-2019

Mid -Term Break

17-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019


19-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019


26-Feb-2019 to 26-Feb-2019


27-Feb-2019 to 27-Feb-2019

Career Expo - Year 9

28-Feb-2019 to 28-Feb-2019

Math Week

10-Mar-2019 to 13-Mar-2019

FS Graduation

18-Apr-2019 to 18-Apr-2019

Sixth Form Graduation

18-Apr-2019 to 18-Apr-2019

Coffee Morning - KS2 To KS3 Transition

09-May-2019 to 09-May-2019