Admission Overview


Admission Overview

Greetings to you from Al Diyafah High School!

We are delighted to inform you that our new school building will be completed and operational by the new Academic Year 2024-25. The new building will be exclusive for Years 10 – 13, we will therefore have capacity in our current premises to accommodate additional classes in each year level from Year 1 through Year 9.

Please note that our registrations for the academic year 2024-25 is open and visit for the registration form.

The dates and procedure for the admissions are as follows:

  •  Entrance exam

Year 4 to Year 9 from 8th January 2024

Years 1 to 3 from 8th February 2024

  •  Interview dates for FS

5th February 2024 onwards


 Criteria for FS1:

  • The child needs to be able to communicate basic needs in English.
  • Respond to & follow simple instructions.
  • Eat independently.
  • Toilet trained (diapers will not be allowed)
  • Shows knowledge of rhymes.
  • Can identify colours, can count numbers 1 to 5


Criteria for FS2:

  • For admission to FS2, please find the below mentioned criteria:
  • School/Nursery is a mandatory requirement.
  • The child needs to be able to respond to and follow simple instructions.
  • Eat independently; communicate and attend to toilet needs independently (toilet trained).
  • Tripod pencil grip. (free hand drawing)
  • Identify and recognize letter sounds (a-z).
  • Linking sounds with objects.
  • Identify and count numbers from 1-10.
  • Place value from 1-10

Registration Process

1. Online Registration

Parents applying for admissions are required to register online.

Students who are coming from a school that follows a curriculum other than the UK curriculum must check the age criteria given below before registering for admission. In the case of a registration for a child to enter a lower year group than their appropriate age cut-off year group, parents must complete a “Demotion Form” from the KHDA.

Shortlisted students will receive the pre-admission login credentials (this will be sent to the registered mobile number). Using this, you are requested to login and fill in all the required information and upload the necessary documents.

2. Interview/ Assessments

For FS1 and FS2 admissions, the students will be called for an assessment on-campus based on the Early Years expectations.
Students from Years 1 to 3 will have a written assessment on year level expectations.
Students from Years 4 to 9 will be called for age-appropriate computer-based assessments in school.
Students for Years 12 & 13 will be required to attend an interview. Candidates may have to appear for entrance tests in case they have not studied in a school offering the British Curriculum (only for AS Level).

3. Assessment Fee

All shortlisted students from FS to Year 13 will be required to pay an assessment fee of AED 500/- (including VAT) at least 3 days prior to the assessment date. This fee should be paid online through the registration portal. You can access the portal through the online registration form on our school website. The username and password to access the registration portal will be sent to the father’s mobile number.

-Refund Policy: Please be informed that in case the student appears for the entrance assessment and the admission is not successful the amount will be refunded.


Please Note:

The timing for the school are as mentioned below:

Year Group/Week

Monday -Thursday


FS 1 and FS 2

7:15 am to 12:00 pm

7:15 am to 12:00 pm

Year 1 to Year 13

7:15 am to 2:30 pm

7:15 am to 12:00 pm


Students applying for admission to Year 4 - Year 11 must upload the CAT4 results along with the latest report card while registering online.

4. Acceptance & Admissions

If your child is accepted into the school, you will receive an offer for a place from the Admissions Team and you must respond within 7 days to secure the place.

5. Submission of required documentation

Shortlisted students will be required to upload the below mentioned documents in the pre-admission module.



  • Passport 

  • Passport

  • Emirates ID

  • Emirates ID

  • Visa

  • Visa

  • Birth certificate


  • Immunization record


Attestation details for transfer certificate: 

Students will be allowed to attend classes only after the transfer certificate is submitted.

In case of transfer from schools within Dubai
Original TC from the school
In case of transfer from other Emirates
Duly attested by the Education zone
In case of OVERSEAS transfer
The transfer certificate should be duly attested by
*Ministry of Education
*Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which migrating
*UAE Embassy in the country from which migrating
(Attestation is not required for UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Europe)

6. Fees

Upon admission confirmation, an Admission & Registration fee of AED 1000/- (non-refundable/non-adjustable) and 10% of the school fee will be charged which has to be paid via bank transfer. Admission is confirmed only on payment of the school fees.

On cancellation of admission, the fee will be refunded as per the KHDA guidelines.

The fee is subject to change.

Please click here for KHDA approved fee structure.

The mandatory fees as per school policy will be charged along with balance fee for Term 1 fee before the academic year begins in the month of September.

.Click here to view the admission policy.

Age Criteria for 2024-25

Year group

Year of birth


2021 (3 years as on 31st August)


2020 (4 years as on 31st August)

Year 1

2019 (5 Years)

Year 2

2018 (6 Years)

Year 3

2017 (7 Years)

Year 4

2016 (8 Years)

Year 5

2015 (9 Years)

Year 6

2014 (10 Years)  

Year 7

2013(11 Years)

Year 8

2012 (12 Years)

Year 9

2011 (13 Years)

Year 10

2010 (14 Years)

Year 11

2009 (15 Years)

Year 12

2008 (16 Years) 

Year 13

2007(17 Years)